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What does a filling involve?

What does a filling involve? An inside look by Dr Aaron McMurtrie   Very rarely is a filling just a filling. It a common misconception that people think we scrape out the gunge, whack in some putty and wander off in search of a cup of coffee. This could not be...
Diet and Dental Decay

Diet and Dental Decay

Diet and Dental Decay By Dr Simran Patheja Brushing two times a day is a mantra instilled in many of us since we can remember. It is such an important tool in preventing dental decay. However, the bacteria that we mechanically brush and floss off isn’t the only...

Cracked Teeth

By Dr Kameel Kashyap A cracked tooth can refer to a visible crack or a microscopic crack that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Cracked teeth may cause significant discomfort and lead to tooth loss. Cracks can occur from various causes including but not limited to...