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Treatment under General Anaesthesia

Having Dental Treatment under General Anaesthesia
At Raceview Dental our caring dentists will endeavour to make every visit for you as easy, stress free and gentle as possible. We understand however, that there are some difficult, lengthy or large producers as well as some patients who have unfortunately had traumatic previous experiences where getting treatment done in the chair is just not possible.
We are proud at Raceview Dental that rather avoiding this treatment and allowing it to cause much worse problems we are able to offer treatment under General Anaesthesia where our patients are put to sleep and will not feel a single thing.
This form of treatment has become so popular with patients that we are performing it three times a month. The following explains everything you need to know from start to finish.
Step 1 – Initial Consultation
If wanting treatment under General Anaesthesia the first step is to book in with Dr Priyesh Amin (for adults) or Dr Sonali Mistry (for children) for a full examination. At this examination we will have a detailed look at the entire mouth and discuss with you the ideal treatment plan for you and explain exactly how much everything will cost.
Your cost will be include a quote for the dental treatment as normal as well as the additional fee the hospital and Anaesthetist will charge to put you to sleep. This additional fee is normally $1200-$2000 based on how much work is required. Those with hospital insurance will get a large chunk of this additional fee covered. Based on your level of cover you can end up paying anything from $0-$700
Step 2 – Lock in a Date
As mentioned above we go to hospital 3 times per month. We use the Ipswich Day Hospital due to their great facilities and easy location (5 minutes away from us). If you decide to proceed with treatment under General Anaesthesia we will give you a selection of dates to choose from. When you lock in a date there will be a $50 deposit to secure this spot. As these days get booked out early we advice booking in ASAP as there is normally at least a 1 month wait.
Step 3 – Paperwork
Once a date is locked in we will give you two forms to fill in. One is a consent form explaining what work you are getting done and must be returned to Raceview Dental. The other is a hospital form which must be delivered to Ipswich Day Hospital. Both forms are due at least one week before your procedure, however the sooner the better.
Step 4 – Payment
Payment to Raceview Dental is due the week before your treatment occurs. Generally this can be done when handing in your paperwork. The hospital requires payment on the day of the procedure and for those with private health this simply means paying your excess.
Step 5 – On the day
The day before your procedure. Ipswich day Hospital will call you and advise what time you must arrive. Simply arrive at that time and their reception will check you in. Their nurses will then bring you through to answer any questions you may have. Dr Priyesh or Dr Sonali and the Anaesthetist will both meet you and then you will be brought in for your treatment. Following your treatment you will wake up in the recovery room where the hospital staff will take care of you, ensure you are feeling fine and then allow you to leave. You must have an adult escort you home.
Step 6 – Review Appointment
The week following your procedure we will organise an appointment to see how you are going and go through any additional instructions we need you to follow.
If you feel like you are soon going to need a complex procedure like wisdom teeth removal, a lot of work like multiple extractions and fillings or really want your teeth fixed but are just to scared to be awake during treatment please feel free to give us a call on 3202 4566 to book in for your initial consultation.