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Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatments

You may have heard about root canal treatments in movies, sitcoms or even from facebook status updates from your friends! There are many myths floating around in regards to root canal treatments but with the expertise and training of our dentists and the modern equipment used at Raceview Dental, we can ensure a relatively pleasant experience for all our patients from all over Ipswich.A root canal treatment may be required if decay has reached the nerve of your tooth and a simple filling is no longer possible. If the tooth is left untreated, significant pain and infection can occur.

The spread of infection can cause major medical problems and a root canal treatment is usually recommended to save the tooth. If the tooth is removed you may have problems with chewing and in maintaining good oral health as bacteria may accumulate in the gap. A missing tooth in your smile may also be unsightly and as such we strongly recommend a root canal to save your tooth.

Our dentists have undertaken many root canal procedures for patients from all over Ipswich and we have an excellent reputation in the Ipswich community for the more complex procedures such as root canal. Our highly skilled dentists can perform the procedure under a local anaesthetic and the prognosis is very good provided proper care and maintenance.

If you live in Ipswich or surrounding areas and have a painful tooth, please contact our dentists at Raceview Dental to discuss all your options.