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Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease)

Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease)

By Dr Tharini Hettiarachchi Have you heard the term gum disease and wondered exactly what that means? Some common concerns from patients with gum disease at their initial appointment are: “My gums bleed with I brush and floss, is that normal?” “I have a sore, wobbly...

Treatment under General Anaesthesia

Having Dental Treatment under General Anaesthesia At Raceview Dental our caring dentists will endeavour to make every visit for you as easy, stress free and gentle as possible. We understand however, that there are some difficult, lengthy or large producers as well as...

Which Mouthguard?

By Dr Aaron McMurtrie There is a wide variety of mouthguards commercially available through chemists and sports shops. Most of them are the classic two or three sizes fits all and the finalization of the fit involves heating the product to mould it as accurately as...
Why do I need a filling?

Why do I need a filling?

By Dr Hien Le When you have tooth decay and a cavity, what has happened is that bacteria have infected your tooth and eaten it away with acid. In the early stages, this does not cause pain but can be found during your regular check-ups by your dentist. When the...