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Cavities & Fillings

Cavities & Fillings

Tooth Decay (Cavities) have plagued human kind for many thousands of years. Cavities are caused by bacteria that exists in our teeth in a bio-film called plaque. The bacteria use carbohydrates (contained in sugary foods) to produce acids which damage tooth structure.

Dental Fillings IpswichSome patients that visit us at Raceview Dental in Ipswich are completely unaware that they have a cavity as they do not feel any pain at all. This is because the outer enamel coating of the teeth have no nerves and as are result, are unable to feel pain. When decay moves to the inner dentine core, then sensitivity may begin. Patients are sometimes caught off guard when they are shown a small cavity in their mouth as they have no pain. We recommend patients have their teeth checked every 6 months and this ensures if any problems occur, they can be fixed even before they start to cause problems.

It is far better to fill a small cavity before it starts to cause discomfort as this prevents the need for more extensive treatment such as root canal, crowns or extraction

Some dentists in Ipswich are still using amalgam fillings which are an older technology – dating back some 150 years. At Raceview Dental Surgery, we only use the latest in white fillings ensuring our patients have invisible metal-free fillings that, with proper care and maintenance, are designed to last many years.

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