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When should your child’s first dental visit be?

by | Jan 16, 2017 | dental-blog

By Dr Soha Sharif

Seeing the first few teeth growing in your toddler’s mouth are an exciting time for a parent. Your child is growing, and soon by the age of three years, will have a full set of baby (primary) teeth.

Did you know that the maintenance of primary teeth is important for the future development of your child? Several evidence-based studies support that positive and preventative dental exposure will not only benefits your child’s future dental health, but also their general health.

There are many easy ways to ensure that your toddler’s teeth are strong and will resist decay both now and in the future. One important way is to have regular dental visits.

With regular dental visits small problems are identified and treated soon.

Generally it’s recommended to have your child’s first dental visit as soon as their first teeth appear in the mouth. Dentist can provide useful information on cleaning the teeth as well as some dietary advice.

Looking back on our own childhood, visits to the dentists were never personal highlights. For a child, their very first visits to the dentist are formative of their attitude towards dentistry for the remainder of their life. Therefore, providing a comfortable environment for their dental checkups is crucial.

On the first visit we aim to provide children and parents with information about their dental issues and assess their individual needs. It is our aim at all times to provide children with the reassurance that going to the dentist is an enjoyable activity. If you would like to bring your kids to Raceview Dental – Ipswich Dentist – give us a call today on 3202 4566