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Cracked Teeth

cracked tooth

By Dr Kameel Kashyap

A cracked tooth can refer to a visible crack or a microscopic crack that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Cracked teeth may cause significant discomfort and lead to tooth loss. Cracks can occur from various causes including but not limited to grinding, clenching and chewing on hard things such as ice. Cracks can present as discomfort when chewing and also at times be associated with discomfort when having hot and cold foods/drinks.

Diagnosing a cracked tooth can be challenging as the cracks maybe difficult to visualise and Dentists need to rely on the presenting symptoms. Most cracks can be treated by removing the cracked portion and restoring the tooth with a filling or ceramic restoration that can be completed in one visit using Cerec technology.  There are times when the crack is superficial and may not need any treatment at all.

However, some cracks may extend into the nerve of the tooth or the full extent may not be able to be visualised and in these cases we may need to refer to a specialist called an Endodontist. At Raceview Dental we have Dr Quan Ho who has undergone 3 years of specialist Endodontist training on top of his Dentistry training who visits every Monday.

It is important to have regular check-ups and cracks identified and treated early as this will improve the outcome of the tooth. If you feel you may have a cracked tooth or just want things checked please call 3202 4566 and our friendly reception team will be able to make you an appointment.