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Cerec Restorations

Cerec Restorations

Raceview Dental Surgery is proud to introduce Cerec restorations to the Ipswich area. We are one of the only Dental Surgeries in Ipswich to utilize this ground breaking and cutting edge technology. Cerec restorations are made from ceramic tooth coloured materials and allow single visit dental crowns and single visit onlays and inlays to be placed.

In the past it could have taken several weeks for a dental crown, onlay or inlay to be manufactured and required a temporary restoration to be placed in the meantime which was less durable and aesthetic. With Cerec restorations teeth are prepared in the traditional method but instead of an impression being taken a computerised scan is instead taken of the preparation and sent to the milling unit within the dental surgery that manufactures the crown which is immediately ready for placement.

There are many advantages to this process including:

  • Single visit crowns meaning fewer needles, less drilling and less time required off from a busy schedule.
  • A precise computer generated fitting dental restoration.
  • Highly aesthetic, metal free and long lasting ceramic tooth coloured restorations that are the closest material to natural tooth.
  • Avoiding poorly fitted temporary restorations and messy impressions.

Perhaps the best advantage of the Cerec system is that it allows an alternative to large fillings. When large fillings are placed they are prone to chipping, breaking and weakening the remaining tooth structure. Cerec Onlays and Inlays provide an alternative to the conventional filling and allow a restoration to be placed that is long lasting, durable and strengthens the existing tooth structure.

The Cerec system is a German innovation that is used worldwide and has been constantly developed for the past 30 years. We at Raceview Dental Surgery are proud to have it as part of our practice philosophy and welcome you to try it out today. Please call us on 3202 4566 to book a consult.