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Private Health Insurance

by | Jun 5, 2016 | open

By Kay Yang (Practice Manager)

With the new year rapidly approaching, many patients may have overlooked the fact that their private health insurance dental benefits are about to expire. Unfortunately the health funds do not allow rollover of benefits – they take a USE IT OR LOSE IT APPROACH.

It is essential that if you have any required treatment that they be booked in and completed before the end of the calendar year so you can maximise the use of your insurance benefits. These are benefits that you have already paid for through your monthly or yearly premiums.

Off course if you haven’t had a checkup with the last 6 months, it may be an idea to book in so we can schedule any required treatment before your benefits run out.

An unfortunate situation some of our dental patients from all over Ipswich face is putting off treatment until the new year. Patients then come in and get their required treatment and use up all their benefits for the following year towards the start of the year. This means that if they develop problems later in the year, they may have already used up their benefits. They also miss out on their benefits this year, which, as mentioned previously, do not rollover.

With the school holidays rapidly approaching many Ipswich families are booking in with our dentists to get their treatment done. We will make every effort to ensure that we secure you a time before the end of the year. However, we do recommend calling as soon as possible as this is a very heavily booked time of the year as many of our patients from all over Ipswich plan their dental treatment just before the end of the calendar year.

If you have any questions in regards to insurance cover and dental treatment