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Evening & Weekend Dental Care

by | Jul 17, 2012 | dental-blog

By Kay Yang (Practice Manager – Raceview Dental).

One aspect of our dental surgery that many patients all around Ipswich are grateful for is the fact we are open late evenings till 8pm and also on Saturdays till 5pm. On any given day, we are the latest dentist open in Ipswich.

Many of our patients work in Brisbane so our late evening appointments allow them to get back home to Ipswich, have a meal, freshen up and visit us for their dental work. We understand the busy schedule many people have and by being open past traditional hours, many of our Ipswich based patients do not even have to take any time off work to attend the dentist.

By being open on Saturdays till 5pm, our dentists can cater for all patients that are too busy during the week to attend dental appointments. Many of our patients are regulars on a Saturday and we have certainly had many patients that have joined our dental surgery because their previous dentist was not open on the weekend.

Our evening and weekend dental appointments also mean that patients that have a dental emergency can be seen in a timely manner. Please do not hesitate to call us at any time to arrange an emergency appointment to help you get out of pain. Our surgery will fit you in by the end of the next opening day for all toothaches and dental emergencies.

Every Saturday morning we receive many calls by anxious patients from all over Ipswich complaining of toothaches and most times we are able to fit you in sometime during the day so you do not have to suffer with toothache for the whole weekend.

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