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Dentistry for Kids

by | Sep 19, 2012 | dental-blog

By Dr. Nauv Kashyap.

At Raceview Dental Surgery, Ipswich, we aim to ensure excellent oral care for all our patients including Children. We spend the time building rapport with your child and this ensures the best possible outcome in terms of your child allowing our dentists to perform any work that may be required.

We have dentists that have extra training to deal with children and we see patients from all over Ipswich who are extremely happy with the care we provide to their precious little ones.

Just a few tips from our dentists and answers to common questions from our Ipswich patients:

  • When your child’s teeth begin to appear, wipe the gums and area surrounding teeth gently with a damp cloth ensuring you remove any residue.
  • As your child gets older, introduce a soft toothbrush and a children’s toothpaste which contains fluoride
  • In the early stages, make sure you brush your child’s teeth to show them how it is properly done. Please do not hesitate to ask our dentists for advice at your next appointment.
  • Children love doing what their parents do. Brushing together allows them to incorporate it into their daily routines and it can be a fun experience!

If you live in Ipswich and surrounding areas and would like your child to see one of our dentists, please do not hesitate to call us at 3202 4566. Have a great day!