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Crooked Teeth and Braces

by | Oct 16, 2016 | dental-blog


Orthodontics in Ipswich

By Dr Lubna Shaikh

Is this something that is bothering you? Are you very conscious about your smile? Did you wish you could have straight teeth?

So many questions cross your mind when you cannot smile confidently. Infact, nowadays to have straight teeth and improve your smile is very mush possible.

We as dentist need to find the reason which has led to these crooked or uneven teeth and eventually treat that cause. A few to name are:

1- Genetic or hereditary.

2- Poor diet as a child, which has lead to premature loss of teeth.

3- Nursing bottle Decay or even use of a Dummy!! Surprising isn’t it….

So now let’s now talk about correcting these issues. The treatment which corrects these crowded or crooked teeth is called as Orthodontics. This treatment involves wearing braces or also commonly called at train tracks. Braces are being very widely accepted in teenagers nowadays unlike

in the past where kids hated being seen in them.

Not only kids and teenagers but even adults can get treated for crooked teeth. You can opt for short term treatment methods like clear aligners or traditional braces when cases become complicated. Of course, it depends upon how severe the teeth are crowded, which our dentists will advise.

At Raceview Dental Surgery, we can provide you with different treatment options and we offer the full range of orthodontic treatment for residents of Ipswich and surrounds. Call us today on 32024566 to get an assessment done on your teeth.