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Here’s What You Get…

An In-Depth Consult:

We find out what your concerns are, what is affecting you with your teeth and what we can do to give you the solution you need.

Personalised Full Mouth X-Rays:

We take x-rays of your mouth, assess the health of your teeth and make recommendations based on what we see.

A Customised Quote

Once we know what you want and what we can do, we provide a custom quote to minimise cost to you, with payment plan and third party payment options to help get you the solution you need at a price you can afford.

Wisdom Teeth Removal is a VERY popular treatment because of the immediate effect it will have if you’re in pain. Book today and…

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Raceview Dental are very experienced when it comes to Wisdom Teeth Removal in Ipswich.

We offer a complete service for patients looking to remove their wisdom teeth.

We are an excellent choice for anyone in the Ipswich, Springfield, Redbank, Lockyer Valley and surrounding regions for wisdom teeth removal.

We also offer interest free and zero deposit payment plans so you can get the treatment you need today and pay it off over time!

Watch this video below if you’re curious about how wisdom teeth are removed! This video has over half a million views on YouTube!

Did You Know: You can also get an early release on your superannuation to pay for your Dental treatments! Another reason why you can act now to get the smile of your dreams!
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Interested to see more? Check out this video below.
YES! I Want To Fix My Wisdom Teeth!


What Do Our Customers Say?

What is
Wisdom Teeth Removal?

At Raceview Dental, Ipswich, wisdom teeth extractions are performed daily for patients from around Brisbane, Ipswich and the Lockyer Valley.

Many people are unaware they have wisdom teeth until they begin to pierce through the gums at the back of their mouths, usually between 18-21 years of age. 

Human evolution is phasing out our wisdom teeth as we no longer need as many big grinding teeth as our diet is much more refined nowadays than in the time of our ancestors.

Our jaws are getting much smaller and as such we are finding there is often not enough room for wisdom teeth.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause many concerns with pain usually being the primary reason people show up at Raceview Dental.

The pain occurs usually as a result of infection of either the gums around the wisdom tooth or decay of the wisdom tooth as they are extremely difficult to clean being so far back in the mouth.

If left untreated, the infections can spread and become quite serious leading to difficulty breathing and a multitude of other health problems.

Wisdom teeth can also cause crowding of other teeth. Many of our patients from all over Ipswich visit our dentists because they are concerned with the shifting of their front teeth and they think this may be caused by their wisdom teeth.

Many dentists in Ipswich will refer patients to get their wisdom teeth removed under a general anaesthetic (where patients are put to sleep) because they do not have the training and expertise to conduct safe wisdom tooth extraction under a local anaesthetic in the dental chair.

General anaesthetic adds costs such as private hospital and anaesthetist fees and in most cases these costs can be avoided by having your teeth removed while you are awake, using a local anaesthetic.

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Frequently Asked Question

How qualified are your dentists and where are your dentists trained?

Most of our dentists are locally trained in leading universities around Australia. For our other dentists that have trained overseas in the UK, Europe, or the subcontinent, they have passed rigorous exams to ensure their suitability for Australian practice and have since had extensive experience in private practice settings around Australia. All our dentists have current Australian registration and engage in regular continuing education.

I have health insurance! Do you take insurance?

Yes, we certainly do! We also have a hicaps machine on site for instant claiming of your benefit, so you only pay whatever small gap remains. If you have any questions at all about healthfund benefits, our staff will be only too happy to help.

Do you offer payment plans? Can I pay off my treatment?

Yes, you certainly can! We offer zero deposit, no interest payment plans, with no credit checks! There are four easy questions which our treatment coordinators can help guide you through. We also have the option of early release of super for eligible patients who are in chronic or acute pain or suffering from mental health issues due to problems with their teeth. We offer payment plans to allow our services to be truly accessible to everyone!

“Payment Plans Are Available!”

Why Choose Us?

  • We’re Local: Conveniently located in Ipswich
  • We’re Experts: Our Team are trained by the very best and have decades of experience
  • We Use The Latest Technology: Only the best equipment is used for to get you your perfect new smile
  • Our Clients Love Us: We have a vey long list of 5 star reviews on Facebook and Google
  • Flexible Payment Plans: Achieve your smile goals today with payment plans that are flexible & tailored to you.
  • We’re Friendly: You’ll never meet a more friendly and welcoming group of people
  • Customised Treatments: We’re committed to providing a plan that works for you.
  • We Love Making People Happy: We know it’s important, so we go the extra mile!

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