Ipswich Dental Implants

Raceview Dental is available for all your Ipswich Dental Implant needs – from surgery to the crown that replaces your tooth. A dental implant is the best solution to replace your missing tooth. The major advantages of implants are that they are fixed in position and do not require any additional work on surrounding teeth. The look and feel of a dental implant is extremely natural. At Raceview Dental, Ipswich, our dentists have provided many patients around the Ipswich region with dental implant solutions to replace their missing teeth.

The implant is typically placed in two stages. In the first stage a titanium fixture is placed in the jaw bone and integration occurs. Once our dentists are satisfied that bone integration has successfully occurred, we proceed to the second stage which involves placing a crown over the implant. For this crown stage, our dentists use local Ipswich laboratories in the construction of the crown to ensure an extremely good quality prosthesis.

Implants are also constructed to stabilise a denture in patients that are missing all their teeth. This means our patients can chew better and allows them to eat all the foods they enjoy. It also aids significantly in the retention of the denture.

At your consultation appointment, our dentists will cover many different aspects in relation to your dental implant procedure. We will take comprehensive x-rays and provide an easy to follow treatment plan outlining all the steps and costs associated with your implant treatment.

Our dentists have a commitment and desire to help patients from Ipswich and surrounding regions and by utilising the latest technologies combined with our experience and expertise, we can ensure the very best outcomes for our patients.

If you would like more information on dental implants in Ipswich, please call Raceview Dental 3202 4566 and book an appointment with one of our friendly dentists.